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When selecting a travel coffee cup it can be challenging to say the least.  Plastic, Metal, lids, Insulated, so many options?  I have tried different coffee cups and have been disappointed with most.  My first experience was a plastic reusable cup that I purchased at a large coffee retail store, that lasted about a week.   Then came metal cups that looked cool however they weren’t insulated well and the coffee just didn’t stay warm, I felt I had to drink my coffee so fast because it was cooling off so fast.  Then I was introduced to a a company Kleen Kanteen.  My first Klean Kanteen was a gift from some dear coffee friends who picked me one up at Stumptown in New York.  The fist thing I noticed about the cup was it’s slick design and that it felt like a coffee cup.  The second thing I liked is was it’s ability to keep my coffee hot most of the morning.  The third thing I liked about it was that it had interchangeable lids for cold and hot beverages.

So when picking a coffee cup here are three things that you are looking for:

1. Vaccum Insulated– The worst thing is to have cold coffee when it is supposed to be hot. If it’s not insulated then don’t get it. The best insulated cups are vacuum insulated.  You spent time making that coffee at the correct temperature make sure you keep it that way.

2. Metal ONLY–  Let me say that every plastic cup that I have tried eventually taste like plastic.  So if you like drinking coffee don’t buy plastic. Metal is preferred it is easy to clean and a good metal coffee cup will stand the test of time. If you are getting a metal cup make sure it is stainless steel.

According to Klean Kanteen’s website:

“Why stainless? It’s safe, durable, doesn’t react with other chemicals (like aluminum does) and doesn’t absorb, impart flavors, or leach who knows what (like plastic does). 18/8 stainless steel—the same material used in industrial kitchens and hospitals—is completely free of BPA, lead, phthalates, and other toxins.”

3. Durable– Lets face it, if your going to spend money on a coffee cup, make sure it is invested well.  I want my coffee cup to keep going as fast as I go.

Klean Kanteen

Three things to consider when buying a Klean Kanteen

1. Size- Size matters don’t buy a huge mug,  buy a sensible size that you will drink in the morning.  A good starting spot is a 12oz Klean Kanteen.  I know 12oz doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s an enjoyable cup size.

2. Style- If you want a cool looking Kanteen you can buy stumptown’s custom Kanteen it’s hard to beat.  However, if you want color you can find it on Amazon.

3. Cafe Lid– Make sure you buy the Cafe lid– sometimes they are sold separately! They are a must have for drinking your coffee.

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