Maintaining your Vacuum insulated Klean Kanteen

Cleaning your coffee container

I have owned many Klean Kanteens over the years and they are hard to break down.  My first Klean Kanteen I purchased was more my son who was going into kindergarten.  I discovered the Klean Kanteen at my local outdoor adventure store.  What is more adventurous than kindergarten.  When it comes to maintaining them it’s really simple.  I have multiple Klean Kanteen’s that are vaccum insulated for coffee.   Here are some tips to keeping them on the go.

1. Don’t put them in the dishwasher– You heard me, don’t do it.

2. Use a good brush to clean the inside-  Use a brush to just get any residue out of the container

IMG_6070-Edit IMG_6071

Cleaning your coffee container

3. CLEAN THE COFFEE LID– make sure you rinse off after every use.  The lid comes apart from underneath so you can rinse it easier.  However, The hardest part of the Klean Kanteen is the gasket in thelid! The lid will get dirty quickly especially if you use cream and sugar.  Make sure you take out the gasket and clean it out thoroughly.

Step 1- Pop out the center- Squeeze the middle pieces together and push it out.


step 2- check the gasket to make sure it’s clean-


Step 3- Remove gasket with a small screwdriver-  Sometimes it is a little tricky to get out.  Make sure you put the gasket back the same way you took it out.  You don’t have to do it every time but it’s good to clean every once in a while. IMG_5977IMG_5978

Step 4- put it back to together and enjoy your Klean Kanteen.


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