My Story

About-RyanHi I’m Ryan.

Do you want to get some coffee.



Growing up I hated coffee.  It wasn’t until college that I took the plunge and found if I watered it down enough that coffee wasn’t that bad.  I remember When I first went to Starbucks for the first time in 2006 I was shocked on what they were charging for a latte, wow coffee tasted great with a lot of sugar.  Then I progressed to drinking coffee black without any cream and sugar and coffee became like a great food that was enjoyable.  Learning about coffee became a hobby and happened before the my four children.  The hobby became a fun adventure with my kids who like making coffee with dad.   I want to help people navigate the ever increasing sea of coffee and help them to enjoy it.  If you are new to coffee or want to be better informed to make better decisions in ordering of buying coffee I would like to help.