How to Steam Milk DIY

Steaming milk is an important part of any good espresso drink.  Here are some basic things that you need to steam milk assuming you have an espresso machine.  Steaming milk is important to making great drinks and a good latte is a result of good technique in steaming milk.

Here are the things that you will need to steam good milk

  1. Milk Frother Pitcher
  2. Milk 2% is what I use I don’t like the extra fat
  3. Good Espresso (try this coffee from stumptown)
  4. Thermometer( I used a thermometer before but now I just use my hand and fell it)

When steaming milk here are some things to remember:

  1. Store your Milk Pitcher in the refrigerator
  2. Fill the milk up to one finger length away from the bottom of the spout of the pitcher
  3. Drain the extra water out of your espresso machine
  4. Bury the head of the steam wand in the milk
  5. Slowly bring the pitcher down until you here the sound of frothing milk
  6. When the pitcher gets warm bury the head again (If you want to make a cappuccino let froth longer in the pitcher)
  7. Hold the pitcher until your hand feels like it’s going to burn off

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